We all get tired from time to time, but there’s no doubt that once your 40s pass you by, your 50s seem to bring fatigue more frequently.

And that means depleted energy levels, trouble concentrating, forgetfulness and lack of motivation.

Most people suffer bouts of tiredness on occasion, but entering the fifth decade of your life seems to herald an increase in those times. A recent study suggested that upwards of a third of people past 50 feel more drained than ever before.

But do loss of energy and tiredness always go hand-in-hand with aging? And can you combat fatigue in your 50s?

As we get older, so do our cells. They become less efficient and don’t function as well as they did in our younger days. They slow down and so do we. How much we’re affected by our sluggish cells is largely dependent on genetics. But lifestyle factors also play a role.

And that’s great news! It means there’s lots you can do to fight tiredness and fatigue by making some simple changes to your way of living.

Here are 4 ways to tweak your behaviour and boost your energy over 50:

Walk and talk

Head outside with your partner or a friend and get your blood pumping. Soak up the natural light and breathe in the air. Aim to get 20 minutes of body movement into your day to re-energise those cells and reap the benefits.

Create a new habit

We can all think of numerous things we’d like to alter about our lifestyle. But choose just one to work with. Small steps support lasting change, so highlight a single issue you know would make you feel a whole lot better if you amended it – cutting down on snacks, heading to bed earlier, making time to read a book – it needn’t be huge. Small things contribute to big changes.

Take a supplement
One of the most effective ways of boosting your energy levels naturally and effectively is by using supplemental oxygen. Regular supplementation of oxygen helps combat tiredness, clears brain fog and sends oxygen directly into your cells. Used daily, the benefits are multifaceted.

Stay hydrated
Dehydration is a primary cause of fatigue. Aim to drink more than 2 litres of water per day, if you can. Maybe fill a bottle and pep it up with ice, cucumber and mint to keep by your side throughout the day.

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