Dancing feels good, doesn’t it? As the music motivates you to move, floods of endorphins are released into your body and the emotional centre of your brain lights up. Couple that with the fact it lowers cortisol levels and it’s easy to see why most of us rate listening to our favourite tunes and cavorting about the kitchen as being a powerful mood booster.

Of course, the current global pandemic means we can’t trip the light fantastic with people outside of our bubbles, but there’s nothing stopping us from throwing some shapes from the comfort of our homes. And the benefits to both mind and body are huge.

An hour’s dancing burns around 450 calories on average, relieves stress and increases your feeling of wellbeing. It’s almost impossible to get your groove on without smiling, right?

So do yourself some good this week and in the words of Mark Twain…

“Dance like nobody’s watching”

Here are three brilliant at-home workouts inspired by musicals to get you started.


First up is the Greatest Showman full-body, cardio dance workout by YouTuber Kyra Pro. It’s free on her channel, simply click on the link and get dancing!

Expect: Pure fun, a face full of smiles, surging endorphins and sweat! As well as hits from The Greatest Showman soundtrack.

Exercise type: Cardio. Dance, squats, lunges and skaters aplenty.

Class length: 15 minutes.

Happy factor: 10/10

Take the class: Below.


YouTuber Sharona’s Hill brings ABBA to your casa, with her Mamma Mia themed dance workout to ‘I had a dream’, ‘Honey Honey’ and of course, ‘Dancing Queen’, to name but a few of the sensational songs she shows us how to shimmy along to!

Expect: A steady pace, proclamations of ‘I love this one!’, and a share of Sharona’s Hill’s infectious JOY.

Exercise type: Cardio. Dance, boxing, jumping jacks and truly joyful movement.

Class length: 20 minutes.

Happy factor: 10/10

Take the class: Below. PS – There’s a second class featuring Mamma Mia show tunes if you’re feeling feisty.


Be honest, you didn’t think we could possibly deliver a third, thigh-pumping, adrenalin-pushing dance routine, did you? But we have! How about the Hamilton (we know!) HIIT dance workout, from personal trainer and YouTuber Emily Thorne – emkfit? Again, the session is free on her channel and features some epic tunes from the critically acclaimed Broadway smash. So you can workout to a heady mix of rap, hip-hop, R&B and soul. Without even leaving your lounge…

Expect: Intense bursts of exercise, raging thirst, the desire to sing at the top of your lungs and an ear-to-ear grin.

Exercise type: HIIT. Jumping squats, sprints, lunges, dance and movement to music.

Class length: 20 minutes.

Happy factor: 10/10

Take the class: Below. There’s even a Part Two if you’re eager!

It goes without saying that although these classes are fun and are based in your home, you ought to prep appropriately so as to avoid harm and get the most from them.


  • Wear suitable clothing
  • Ensure you have enough space
  • Keep a big bottle of water handy
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Supercharge your session with a boost of pure oxygen, like our 15l oxygen can with inhaler cap before you get started


  • Balance your laptop on a high kitchen stool (you live, you learn)
  • Accidentally record a Facebook live while setting up said laptop
  • Underestimate the sweat!

Let us know how you get on. And have a blast!

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