Our exciting new product EI8HT can deliver your body’s oxygen direct to cells with its incredible, scientifically proven, encapsulation technology. It has a natural ability to increase the transportation of oxygen around the body – over and above haemoglobin. But, why is this so important for our immune system?

Ei8ht Oxygen Drink

A study carried out at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2018 describes oxygen as indispensable for the cells of the immune system to work properly. Oxygen is an essential element required for cells to survive. The body is extremely clever when it comes to using its oxygen supply skilfully. For example, with regards to inflammation the same study showed that it can ‘trick’ certain cells into believing they are lacking oxygen, to enable it to effectively save and divert energy.

The body, in effect, has oxygen sensors to measure the concentration of oxygen in its cells. These activate if oxygen levels fall. Drinking EI8HT will help to maintain good, healthy oxygen levels.

An Edinburgh University study in 2017, found that the immune system response changes according to oxygen concentration in the body. The study found that low oxygen levels could result in the immune system overreacting (in effect, being out of control) which can have damaging consequences.  Oxygen is how cells get their energy, and so changes to oxygen levels will inevitably change how the cells behave. This study was done as an early-stage piece of research and is to be developed further.

A 2018 study at the University of Cambridge found that low oxygen levels in tissues can supress some aspects of the immune response.

Medical science is incredible, with constant and rapid advancements. Our own body’s immune systems, however, remain our main weapon in the fight against illness and infection. Improving and maintaining its strength is extremely important. 

EI8HT is enhanced with iron and vitamins B3 and B12, helping you to feel better and support your immune system. It is globally patented and was developed in partnership with Oxford University. It is totally natural and suitable for vegans.

Give your immune system a helping hand with EI8HT. It is also an ideal accompaniment to ClearO2 supplemental oxygen.

Ei8ht Oxygen Drink
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