We’ve all been there, in that super-important work meeting where your mind goes blank and you struggle to recall what exactly it was you were meant to say. It’s excruciating, right? But it’s not uncommon.

Sometimes, when you’re working hard, your brain races through its oxygen reserves and leaves you unable to remember something you recently learned. Your body can struggle to replenish its oxygen levels quickly enough if you’re thinking hard, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten that one vital thing you needed to retain and are left feeling foolish.

The human brain needs a constant supply of oxygen, plundering a whopping 20% of the total produced by your body. And interestingly (but not unsurprisingly), the harder you work it, the more oxygen it employs.

You can understand then, why many of our daily, work-related tasks, like writing a presentation, emailing a colleague, remembering your to-do list or revising for exams, soon depletes the oxygen fuelling your brain. There are no prizes for guessing what happens when that dip in O2 occurs.

That’s right, your short-term memory fails and your mind goes blank.

So how can you keep those oxygen levels up?

A recent study, conducted by The University of Northumbria, showed that oxygen administration, such as using a product like ClearO2, enhanced memory formation in healthy young adults.

The evidence was unequivocal – oxygen inhalation immediately prior to learning, resulted in a significant increase in recollection after a controlled test. It said ‘…data indicates increased availability of cerebral oxygen facilitates cognition, including memory consolidation…’ before going on to explain, ‘breathing in pure oxygen for a few minutes increases the blood’s oxygen saturation from about 98-99% (in normal air) to 100%, allowing us to make energy more efficiently, and perform some tasks better.’

Great news if you regularly need to get to grips with new things. ClearO2 gives you the power to improve your learning and your memory, simply by breathing pure oxygen.

Try ClearO2 before you put your brain to the test and let us know how you get on.

Source: Springer.

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