Oxygen for Fish Transportation

Are you considering moving your prize koi or other fish and concerned about their welfare?

As a fish owner at some point the time will come when you need to move your fish. Either to a tank for the winter months, for a show or if you are buying and selling.

Transporting fish is extremely risky as it is very stressful to the fish and also there is the chance of them running out of precious oxygen.

For those of us who love our fish, we want to keep them as stress free as possible. Added to that the financial cost of losing a prize koi and the importance of making sure their wellbeing is managed becomes imperative. 

It’s not just about keeping them alive but also about keeping them in comfortable conditions so they aren’t stressed. Low oxygen levels in any animal will exacerbate the potential for disease state.

If the plane, car or van breaks down or gets stuck in traffic then it is potentially life threatening. 

Advice on best ways to transport fish:-

  • Keep the water cool. Consider ice packs near the bag for long journeys.
  • Keep the container covered so they don’t leap out
  • Reduce feeding before moving so their metabolism slows
  • Acclimate the fish before introducing to the new water
  • Do not chase them around with a net stressing them further
  • Make sure the water level in the bag goes above the back of the fish
  • Place box sideways in transport vehicle so braking and accelerating doesn’t break the tail or bang the head
  • Make sure the water is very clean
  • Introduce pure oxygen into the water with a decent headspace and tie the bag tight with rubber band

We have the solution

Here at ClearO2 we produce top quality oxygen right here in the UK. Using top grade oxygen in your transportation gives your fish the best chance of surviving and thriving any journey.

Simply remove the mask from our mask and tube products and the tube can be inserted into the plastic bag and bubbled through the water to fill the headspace.

The following products will be suitable:-

1 x 15L can will fill approximately 1 x fish bag

1 x 110L can will fill approximately 7 x fish bags


The Facts

If packed correctly a koi should last 24 hours in transportation provided the right conditions are kept.

  • 110L Oxygen Can with Valve, Mask and Tube

  • 15L Oxygen Can with Mask and Tube

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