A habit is defined as something you do often or regularly. Like brushing your teeth before bed, using hand sanitiser when you leave the supermarket (thanks 2020), writing a journal or exercising. Some we work hard to create and others are such an entrenched part of our lives, we hardly notice they’re there.

Research suggests that habits account for around 40% of our actions on any given day. Yep, pretty much half of your life is performed automatically, without much real thought. And no, we can’t decide how we feel about that either.

By all accounts, there are sound evolutionary reasons behind the creation of ingrained routines. Most of which point at keeping us alive. And sane. Imagine how boggled our minds would be if we had to stop and consider whether we actually fancy fastening our seat-belts, or flushing the loo? We’re saving ourselves from a mental overload we simply couldn’t handle and freeing our brains to deal with decisions that require more thought.

Habits bring stability when things around us change (thanks again 2020) and are brilliant for our bodies and minds. And we can create them in less than a month. Good news, eh?

It’s thought that in as little as 30 days, you can program a new behaviour so that it becomes routine. Which is fairly straightforward, right? Commit to a month of self-discipline now, to reap the rewards further down the line… Wake up and blend a fresh juice? Tick! Head out for a run? Tick! Practice the piano? Tick! So much greatness at our fingertips!

Got something in mind? Want to create a habit? Let’s go!

Here’s how…

Make a date

Highlight a month in your diary and dedicate it to habit forming. Do that thing each and every day to train your brain into filing it as your new default way of being. The more you do it, the quicker the connection is made.

Make it daily

If you want to lock down a habit, you need to work at it every day for the first 30 days. You don’t need to dramatically change your life in 24 hours, but you should aim to incorporate the new habit in some small way every day, and build upon that.

Keep it consistent

Whatever it may be, try doing it at the same time, in the same place for the whole of the month. As the days pass, your subconscious will pick up on environmental cues and trigger the habit for you. Clever, huh?

Keep the outcome clear

Remind yourself throughout the month of the reasons behind the new behaviours and of the benefits they bring with them.

You can do this!

Habits grow stronger the more you perform them, eventually becoming so automatic you may not even notice they’re part of your routine. Breathing ClearO2 pure oxygen each morning will aid cell renewal, improve brain function, increase your energy levels and supercharge your day. We recommend keeping a canister next to your vitamins and taking with your morning cup of tea. There’s a new habit for you! See above for four easy ways to stick to it.

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