Oxygen for Fatigue and Tiredness

Are you suffering from fatigue and tiredness?

Tiredness and fatigue are the body’s cry for help. It is often the result of a deficiency in something essential to the human body’s efficient operation. This may mean sleep, nutrition, stress or an accumulation of these and other factors.

It may not have occurred to you before, but oxygen is the basis of all energy in the body. Without a constant sufficient supply your body is prone to disease and malfunction.

If you suffer from tiredness and fatigue you may not have even considered using supplemental oxygen to relieve it, but more and more people are trying it and recognising this was one of the factors missing in their busy modern life.

Have you ever noticed how invigorated you feel after a walk in the woods or a green space?

Not all of us get the opportunity to get out into these high oxygen areas regularly enough though.


Reasons you may not be getting enough oxygen:-

  • Work in stuffy offices
  • Spend too much time indoors due to dark, cold and rainy weather in winter
  • Commute on busy polluted roads or in confined crowded trains.
  • Live in a town/city where pollution is high
  • Aged over 35 causing lung capacity to reduce
  • Involved in repeated heavy exercise 
  • Recently landed from a flight
  • Unable to exercise regularly or even at all 

You may not have realised you could even buy pure oxygen in small, easy-to-use portable cans. 

Check out our portfolio of products and see if supplemental oxygen can start to make a difference to your life too:-


The Statistics

Fatigue can and will creep up on us all at some point. If you are suffering from tiredness and fatigue you are not alone. According to a 2018 study by the US National Safety Council, 69% of workers feel fatigued at work.

  • 15L Oxygen Can with Mask and Tube

  • 15L Oxygen Can with inhaler cap

  • 15L Oxygen Can Replacement for Mask and Tube

  • 110L Oxygen Can with Valve, Mask and Tube

  • EI8HT Oxygen Drink

    EI8HT Oxygen Drink Recovery – 2 Sachets

  • 10L Oxygen Can Replacement for Mask and Tube

  • 110L Oxygen Can Replacement

  • Oxygen Mist Revitalising Fine Mist Facial Spray 100ml

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