They say life begins at 60. As we are living longer, healthier lives many people report that they feel better than ever as they reach 60 plus. It is no longer considered ‘old’ – far from it. 

We’ve put together a few top tips for keeping fit over 60.

  • Set yourself a challenge. Motivate yourself, whether it be to try something new, a physical challenge or learning a new skill. Give yourself that kick start, you’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement when it’s done.
  • Keep moving. Take the stairs, park a few spaces further from the building, walk, run, swim, join a yoga class…anything that works for you. 
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.
  • Keep socialising. Meeting new people, learning new information and generally having human interactions all has such a positive effect on our wellbeing. This is particularly true if you are retired or heading towards retirement and worried about keeping busy. Have a look at community groups and local activities near to you.
  • Quit smoking and cut down on alcohol.
  • Keep your brain active. Reading, crosswords and jigsaw puzzles are all brilliant brain-exercises.
  • Take time to relax. Reducing stress levels is increasingly important with the busy lifestyles most of us lead today. Take time to schedule relaxation and self-care into your day. This could be through exercise, a bath, reading, baking…or taking five minutes to breathe in oxygen-enriched air as part of your day. You’ll be amazed at the benefits.
  • Focus on positive thoughts. Take time to laugh and enjoy yourself. 

Making small changes, and taking even 10 minutes, to incorporate some of the above into your day can lead to much improved health and wellbeing. ClearO2 oxygen-enriched air can supplement all of the above as part of a healthy lifestyle at 60 plus.

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