Do you suffer from hangovers? We’ve all been there, one too many drinks and you wake up the next day feeling terrible.

Head pounding, eyes half shut, brain trying to process the night before, you then remember how much you have to do that day.

Now, we obviously don’t recommend going out and having too much alcohol when you have a busy day the next day (or in general from a health perspective). But, we all know that in Britain we have a tendency to ‘pop out for swift one’ and it somehow turns into something more.

The use of supplemental oxygen is a brilliant hangover remedy. Alcohol creates an oxygen deficiency in our bodies, therefore giving ourselves a boost can counter the effect this has.

The science behind hangovers. One thing alcohol does is it reduces the size of our blood vessels, which in turn means less blood and nutrients can travel to our brain. Once we stop drinking, it takes a while for these constricted blood vessels to return to their usual size. This is the reason hangovers typically come with a much-dreaded headache.

Breathing in oxygen-enriched air helps the blood vessels to relax and open much quicker. This means you can be hangover free faster and ready to take on the day!

In the bright lights of cities that never sleep like Las Vegas, you’ll find oxygen bars, cafes and kiosks. After a long night of partying breathing in an oxygen boost can help you to feel energised, relaxed, revitalised and indeed hangover free. This makes it an essential tool to be able to do it all again the following night, or to be ready for a daytime pool party!

Oxygen is important to any type of recovery, so it makes sense that it would help with recovering from a hangover. It kick-starts our bodies healing processes. Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies ability to combat the effects of alcohol does reduce – so it is true when people say hangovers worsen with age!

It takes 3 molecules of oxygen to metabolise 1 molecule of alcohol – this is how alcohol depletes the body’s oxygen levels. The good thing about oxygen is that it is totally natural and side effect free. Traditional methods, or should we call them myths, for dealing with hangovers include: more alcohol (ironically), a fry up, milk, coffee, junk food or sweating it out. Funnily enough, these probably won’t work – but ClearO2 helps to restore your body’s oxygen levels back to normal, boost your energy and give clarity to your mind.

Research shows that last year approximately two million people in the UK called sick into work because they had a hangover. So, next time you wake up vowing never to drink again, grab a can of ClearO2 and breathe in some oxygen-enriched air. You’ll feel better in no time!

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