Gemaakt in Groot-Brittannië

All our aerosols are made with precision and love in our British factory in Shropshire and are checked by the most modern leak detection and quality control.

Where possible we use recycled and recyclable materials and all our waste is recycled and none sent to landfill.

We are always keen to hear from retailers and distributors around the world who we can collaborate with.

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Zuurstof voor gezondheid en schoonheid

Oxygen is the primary driver for cell reproduction and energy. Without it our cells cannot renew efficiently. See how great you can feel and how vibrant your skin can look after breathing oxygen-enriched air.

Beauty radiates from the inside.


Zuurstof voor sport en fitness

Op Elite niveau wordt aanvullende zuurstof erkend als een Ergogene hulpmiddel. Studies hebben aangetoond grote prestaties verbeteringen met name in herstel tussen zware periodes van de oefening.

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