Whatever your preferred way to exercise, most of us soon figure out the best way to get the most from it. You wear the appropriate gear, ensure you’re hydrated, take it easy in the warm-up and get your mind the in game. That could mean donning lycra or wearing a wetsuit, standing in mountain pose, chanting, or huddling with team mates. Stretching, checking your chalk bag, or tying your laces. But whatever it means for you, we’d bet there’s a strong possibility your workout is fuelled by frequent sips of water.

As we breathe more heavily and sweat more profusely, we lose a lot of fluid when we exercise. An estimated one to two litres per hour, in fact. So, it’s vital to keep those liquid levels topped up and keep dehydration at bay.

Drinking water before, during and after exercise is vital for your muscles and your energy levels. Some people find that sports drinks aid their performance, and once the hard work is over, help recovery too. And if you’re moving your body for more than an hour at a time, replacing lost electrolytes is most likely a good plan. Sweat leeches potassium, sodium and magnesium from the body, so quaffing a salty, sugary sports drink offers a quick and easy way to replenish lost electrolytes.

But while sports drinks may be brilliant at the end of a workout, there’s little scientific evidence to prove they enhance performance, or fuel your training any better than good old H2O.

You see, fuelling your body with more energy, by way of sugar, tops up your carbohydrate stores, but doesn’t provide a tangible boost in performance. What it does do though, is provide an awful crash when your cells run out of sugary goodness, which can leave you feeling tired, irritable, and unable to perform.

One simple way to make the most of your workouts is with the help of oxygen. We all know our bodies need O2 at a very basic level, to stay alive. And our cells need a regular supply of high-quality oxygen to function at peak levels and successfully renew as healthy cells. So, the more effectively and more quickly oxygen can hit the bloodstream during exercise, the better the body can perform.

Ei8ht oxygen drinks provide a speedy solution. Their unique, patented oxygen encapsulation technology, enhanced with vitamin B3, vitamin B12 and caffeine, significantly enhances oxygen transportation around your system. The knock-on effect? Improved athletic performance.

Clever, right? Ei8ht oxygen drinks are vegan too, and the nifty oxygen delivery system is backed by five years research alongside Oxford University to fine-tune the mighty molecules capable of capturing, retaining, and delivering oxygen to your body.

Not bad, eh? Just mix a flavoured sachet of Ei8ht with water, shake for 30 seconds to activate the micro-bubbles, and drink. While you work out, the bubbles pass through your stomach wall and into the bloodstream, carrying the energy enhancing O2 with them to power you on.

Bookend your session with ClearO2 supplemental oxygen and you have a winning combination at your fingertips. And in your bloodstream.

So, if you’re looking for one easy way to make the most of your workouts, why not give pure oxygen a go?

You can read more about Ei8ht oxygen drinks here.

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