Do you have a driving job or a long commute each day? Driving can be stressful, both physically and mentally. Whether you are the calmest of drivers or prone to a spot of road rage, some journeys test even the most patient among us.

Breathing in supplemental oxygen ahead of a long journey or pulling over and inhaling the oxygen-enriched air as a part of your drive, can really clear your mind and re-focus you on the distance ahead.

Breathing in oxygen-enriched air makes you feel more alert and improves concentration levels, which is important for obvious reasons whilst driving. It also has the same benefits, of course, if you are a passenger and feel yourself switching off (every driver loves good company, not a snoozing passenger, on a long journey!).

We’ve all been there – a congested motorway, feeling like you’re not going to reach your destination for hours. Why not pull into a service station and take a few deep breaths. It reduces your stress levels, meaning that you can continue your journey feeling calm and relaxed.

After a stressful, busy day at work, the last thing anyone wants is a long journey home. Breathe in a few breaths of oxygen-enriched air just before you leave and get that much needed boost of energy that makes you feel ready and invigorated to tackle the commute and enjoy the rest of your day.

Driving extended distances on busy, congested roads and motorways means that even in summer you don’t want to open the windows or sunroof! The noise, fumes and dust contribute to poor air quality levels. ClearO2 is an alternative for our bodies much needed influx of good quality air.

So, next time you’re heading off on a road trip, ditch the fuelling up on expensive trips to service station coffee shops and breathe in some natural oxygen-enriched air to get you there.

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