With the very public current issues trying to move products around the world and the current surge in demand for our products, we are running low on stock of the 110L cans and are not expecting any more in for another 3-4 weeks. We have also had to source components at increased prices from suppliers due to short notice and logistics issues.

It is with great regret we have had to put up our website prices to prevent people bulk purchasing and reselling at extortionate prices on other platforms and to protect our margins.

We have also changed them to protect stock for existing loyal customers that have been purchasing from us for years.

We have therefore created a coupon code that existing customers can use on our website to purchase a single item at our usual prices. If you have purchased product from us prior to 1st February 2020 you will have received an email with a coupon code. Please check your inbox.

If you can wait for another 2-3 weeks then please do NOT purchase now so other customers who are running out and require them can buy product.

We have also had to increase prices very slightly on 15L cans due to component price increases from suppliers, but rest assured as soon as our costs are lowered we will reflect these back to you in lowered prices once again.

All other product prices remain the same prices as usual and bulk discounts are available on our new Ei8ht oxygen drink product which is proving extremely popular at the moment.

Thanks for your understanding. As always everything we do is with our loyal customers in mind.

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