Scientific study: Oxygen administration enhances memory formation in healthy young adults

Despite numerous studies indicating that transient cerebral oxygen depletion has a detrimental effect on cognition, surprisingly little research has examined the possibility of cognitive enhancement following elevated oxygen levels in healthy adults. Here, we present evidence demonstrating that oxygen administration improves memory formation…

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Scientific Study: Changes in reaction time when using oxygen inhalation during simple visual matching tasks

This study attempted to identify the effect of inhalation of highly concentrated oxygen on reaction time during simple visual matching tasks. Nine right-handed male graduate students (23.0+/-1.4 years) participated in the study. Two subsets of simple visual matching tasks with similar difficulties were developed. The experiment consisted of visual matching tasks performed under two conditions: normal air (22.1% oxygen) and hyperoxic air (43.2% oxygen). There was a significant decrease in reaction time in the presence of 43.2% oxygen compared with the 22.1% oxygen condition. This result supports the hypothesis that hyperoxic air increase oxygen saturation level in the blood, lead to more available oxygen to the brain, thus increase the ability of cognitive processing.


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Scientific Study: Memory Performance, Hyperoxia, and Heart Rate Following Oxygen Administration

This study investigated the effect of 30% oxygen administration on memory cognitive performance, blood oxygen saturation, and heart rate. Ten healthy male and female college students participated in the study. The experiment consisted of two runs: one was a memory task, with normal air (21% oxygen) administered and the other was with hyperoxic air (30% oxygen) administered. The experimental sequence in each run consisted of Rest (1 min), Control Task (1 min), Word Presentation (1 min), Reaction Time Task (1 min), Distractor (2 min), and Word Recall (1 min). Blood oxygen saturation and heart rate were measured throughout the six phases. The results of the memory performance analysis reveal that word recall rates were enhanced with 30% oxygen administration compared to 21% oxygen. When 30% oxygen was supplied, blood oxygen saturation was increased and heart rate was decreased compared to that with 21% oxygen administration. This result supports the hypothesis that 30% oxygen administration would lead to increases in memory performance.

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Scientific Study: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Reverses Ageing

Aging is characterized by the progressive loss of physiological capacity. At the cellular level, two key hallmarks of the aging process include telomere length (TL) shortening and cellular senescence. Repeated intermittent hyperoxic exposures, using certain hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) protocols, can induce regenerative effects which normally occur during hypoxia. The aim of the current study was to evaluate whether HBOT affects TL and senescent cell concentrations in a normal, non-pathological, aging adult population.

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Scientific Study: The effect of inhaling concentrated oxygen on performance during repeated anaerobic exercise

The objective of the pilot study was to test the effect of inhaling 99.5% oxygen on recovery. The source of concentrated oxygen was O-PUR (Oxyfit). Research subjects completed two thirty-second Wingate tests at an interval of ten minutes, and in the interval between the tests the subjects inhaled either oxygen or a placebo in random order. This procedure was then repeated. The pilot study revealed a significantly (p<0.03) smaller performance drop in the second Wingate test following the inhalation of 99.5% oxygen when compared with the placebo. The results of the study indicate that inhaling concentrated oxygen may have a positive effect on short-term recovery processes.

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