Responding to understandable queries about whether our products can be used to support the relief response to the current crisis in India, we wanted to explain why our products wouldn’t be effective in these particular circumstances and what we are doing in response. 

  • Firstly, our products are not meant for medical use and therefore can’t be put into a medical environment, which is heavily regulated.
  • At best our 110L could be useful for a journey to hospital, but we are not set up to ramp up production of those at the moment. Our smaller 15L cans would just be an even shorter stop gap if someone were waiting for an ambulance, but since the hospitals don’t have oxygen in either case then it would be fruitless. They are not going to save someone who is extremely ill and needs to be on a constant supply of high flow oxygen to save their life.
  • Logistically we can’t easily fly our products to India because they are classed as dangerous goods and putting them on a boat would take weeks.

We’ve been in touch with the UK government to see if there is any way we can help, but sadly we do not have the product, resource or infrastructure to support their current aid mission. I can’t describe how much it pains us that we can’t help.

The UK government and other governments around the world have started sending appropriate help in the form of concentrators and ventilators already, which is more appropriate to the situation.

In our desire to do something to help, we have also found a great not-for-profit organisation in India, which has sprung up to secure donations for concentrators. We will therefore be donating a percentage of all our our sales from April to this cause and we hope you might consider donating too.

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