And breathe…

Stress can creep up on any of us at any time. It’s important to recognise the signs and understand your own limits, which will be totally individual to you. 

There are ways of coping with stress and stress inducing situations and regaining balance and control. Ensure to visit your GP if you feel that you are unable to manage your stress.

Increasing your oxygen levels in a natural way is key and doing this can be achieved through many simple practices:

  1. Open your windows and get access to fresh air – this is essential for breathing more easily and can help reduce stress levels when you are feeling a bit overwhelmed.
  2. Bring some greenery into your home! This will increase the good oxygen levels available indoors.
  3. Take part in exercise of any type – it doesn’t have to be a full-on workout; a bit of light activity can make a big difference.
  4. Breathe in some oxygen-enriched air – this a simple addition to your lifestyle which you will see the benefits of quickly.
  5. Practice mindfulness – this can be through breathing exercises, learning relaxation techniques, colouring in…find something that works for you.
  6. Eat fresh, iron-rich foods – eating more green vegetables like kale, broccoli and celery will boost your oxygen levels and hopefully enable you to breathe easier.

Deep breathing is one of the most effective ways to lower stress levels in your body. Breathing in oxygen enriched air deeply sends the brain a message to calm down, without launching into a science lesson, this then sends a message to your body to do the same. Practicing breathing also reduces tension.

Oxygen booths in public are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in countries such as Japan and in the Middle East. The benefits of this are being recognised as people see it as a part of their everyday lives – our portable product means you can conveniently carry this around in your bag for whenever you need that moment of calm amongst day-to-day stresses.

Oxygen therapy has been extensively researched and a recent study by the University of Northumbria has reported that taking extra supplies of oxygen can increase brain power by up to 20%. The body’s requirement for oxygen makes it the most important supplement needed by the body.

Dr Richard DeAndrea states that if you use oxygen for just 20 minutes, muscles become loosened, headaches and stress can appear to fade and there is a renewed energy and feeling of relaxation.

Be proactive in managing your stress levels and ensuring your body gets the oxygen it needs!

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