Be honest, how many times a week do you head upstairs to grab something and immediately forget what you’ve gone for? Or start writing a work email and lose track of its purpose? And how often have you parked your car in a multi-story and thought you’d never see it again? You’re not alone.

You’re experiencing brain fog.

One in four people report that since turning 40 this phenomenon looms larger in their lives than ever before. If you’re suffering from short-term memory loss symptoms which interfere with your day-to-day in a negative way, then you could be contributing to this statistic.

But why? Sleepwalking your way through life is no fun and over time can impact your relationships and overall wellbeing. Pinpointing the reason for the fog is paramount, which once you pass 40 can begin to get tricky, as more age-related considerations come into play. Being a grown-up can be tough. Once you pass into your fourth decade, lifestyle factors can contribute to your clouded thinking, making even the simplest of tasks a challenge.

Here are three common causes of brain fog after 40, along with three ways to combat them.


Cause: Stress

Adulting is hard work. And never more so than during a global pandemic. Stress creeps in when your body reacts to feeling under pressure. It’s a normal part of life for most people, but it can take its toll. Stress can raise your blood pressure, deplete your immune system and impair your brain function. A recent survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation found that more than 74% of UK adults have felt stressed to the point of overwhelm at some point during their lives.

Combat: Regular exercise can be a wonderful way to reduce stress. Just taking a short walk each day can help clear your mind and get you back on track. Plan some ‘me time’ into your days, hang out with people that make you smile and ditch those unhealthy habits (you know the ones).

Consider: Keeping a diary to see if something in your week triggers your stress levels.


Cause: Sleep

Lack of sleep, or lack of good sleep can contribute to brain fog. And it seems that those over 40 are getting some of the worst sleep of their lives. The quality of your sleep can have a huge impact on your mental acuity. The better the zzzzzzzs, the better the brain function.

Combat: Avoid caffeine after lunch and ditch that nightly glass of wine. Get to bed early and bag between seven and nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. Create a healthy bedtime routine and stick to it.

Consider: Using a pillow spray or essential oils such as lavender to aid relaxation. Or implementing recreational oxygen such as ClearO2 as part of your daily routine.


Cause: Diet

How you fuel your brain and body matters. And never more so than once you’ve blown out those 40 candles on your birthday cake. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals supports healthy brain function and ensures you have the energy to power through your day.

Combat: Cut out processed food, red meat and fried items. Replace them with leafy greens, wholegrains, berries and nuts. And drink plenty of water!

Consider: Taking a daily vitamin to boost your intake, coupled with supplemental oxygen from ClearO2. When used every day, adults over 40 have noticed a discernible difference in their mental acuity and brain function.

Take a moment to consider the cause of your brain fog, put a plan in place to combat it and consider how ClearO2 could help improve your brain function.

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