If you work as a voiceover artist, actor, presenter, teacher or singer, you’ve probably experienced vocal burnout at some point in your career.

And if you’re the parent of a toddler, you certainly have.

For many of us, we only experience voice loss when we’ve got a cold or flu, have been to a gig or watched a sports match. But for singers, it’s a much more common complaint. We all remember Adelle cancelling a huge stateside tour a few years back when she suffered a vocal chord haemorrhage. And countless other stars have endured similar issues, pulling out of planned concerts, angering their fans and racking up huge hospital bills.

Vocal burnout can result in a croaky voice, sporadic squeaks or total silence. And singers and vocal coaches alike do what they can to avoid it at all costs.

And as the age-old adage tells us; ‘prevention is better than cure.’

If you use your voice professionally or as a tool to express yourself, it’s important you take steps to avoid damaging your register.

Make sure you warm up, take regular breaks, stay hydrated and invest in proper vocal training.

X Factor vocal coach and London-based singing teacher Oliver Popa recently recommended ClearO2 on his Instagram grid and stories. And after close to a decade on the hit show, we’re pretty sure he knows his stuff.

He said:

“During lockdown we’ve needed to take better care of our minds and bodies…the exterior and the interior. I love using the Fine Mist Spray with oxygen, lemon oil and aloe vera from ClearO2. It helps to revitalise and refresh the skin. And my personal favourite, especially nowadays is breathing ClearO2’s oxygen enriched air. It really is the ideal way to reinvigorate my body and mind.”

As a performer, taking care of your wellbeing is paramount, so why not consider X Factor vocal coach Oliver Popa’s professional advice and enjoy the benefits of ClearO2.

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