What better way to start the day than breathing in oxygen-enriched air? 

Let’s set the scene…your alarm clock goes off, after a yawn and a stretch you hop into the shower. This wakes you up somewhat…BUT how good would that extra boost be to really set you up for the day ahead?

We live super busy lives these days, the modern lifestyle tends to have us running here, there and everywhere on a regular basis! Our bodies can’t function at their peak without a regular supply of high-quality oxygen (and why function at anything other than your full potential?).

ClearO2 is a totally natural solution to help combat the effects of pollution.

Pollution is all around us (particularly if you live in a city or near busy roads) and can contribute to issues such as coughing and irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. It can also impact on lung function; ClearO2 provides a boost of clean oxygen to be pumped into the lungs and revitalise you.

Lots of people work in offices day to day which can be stuffy and grey, and particularly in winter we can end up spending too much time indoors – going from office to home, running from the car or train as quickly as possible in the dark, rainy, cold weather. On the contrary, in summer, we all hear people comment how ‘there is no air’ in the heat; breathing in some pure oxygen can ease breathing in these conditions.

Have you ever noticed though how invigorated you feel after a walk through the park or taking the dog out in the countryside on a crisp morning? These opportunities for getting out into high oxygen areas are essential – ClearO2 can provide the same much needed boost.

There are so many ways in everyday life which additional oxygen can help your body and mind to deal with situations in a more positive way. 

If you participate in sports a supplemental boost can improve performance by 25%. Everyone feels rough after a flight with the combination of air conditioning, lack of comfort and amount of people around – a quick supplemental inhale can help you to feel refreshed and ready to get on with enjoying your holiday. We’ll also only briefly mention the benefits extra oxygen can have on perking you up after a few too many lemonades!

It sounds obvious, but oxygen really is the basis of all energy in the human body. A poor supply can cause general tiredness and fatigue – we all know that feeling, right?! A combination of sleep, nutrition and stress levels can also contribute to this. Why not give supplemental oxygen a go? An increasing number of people are finding out how beneficial it can be in aiding a positive lifestyle, whatever the day ahead has in store!

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