Is it past 1pm? You’ve had a productive morning, but now you’ve eaten lunch your energy levels are on the floor? You’re not the only one.

Most people report the onset of fatigue in the afternoon, along with brain fog and trouble concentrating. But most people don’t have the luxury of finishing work after lunch.

It’s understandable if you’ve had a late night, but when you’ve enjoyed a full eight hours sleep, an afternoon energy slump can seem pretty unfair.

The symptoms can be somewhat savage.

Lack of Concentration
Your mind starts wandering, you can’t finish the task you started and you struggle to bring your brain back on track. Your ability to focus is finished.

Overwhelming Fatigue
Sudden tiredness makes it hard to carry on working, or to even care.

You can’t remember what time your next meeting is, what it’s about or what you need to prepare. Never mind where you put your notes…

Lack of Motivation
Despite a list of tasks that need completing before EOP, you just can’t muster the motivation to get them done. And you’re not overly bothered about the consequences.

But what can you do to beat the Afternoon Slump? Here’s four ways to fix it.

Take a walk
Get outside and get your blood flowing. Soak up the natural light and breathe in the air. Take a 10 minute stroll as soon as you feel that post lunch sleepiness set in and move your body.

Dehydration is a primary cause of fatigue. Aim to drink upwards of 2 litres of water per day. Pep it up with ice, cucumber and mint for even more freshness.

Use a natural source of energy
One of the most effective ways of getting energy naturally and effectively is by using supplemental oxygen. Regular supplementation of oxygen helps combat afternoon tiredness, clears brain fog and sends oxygen directly into your cells for clean, natural energy.

Talk it out
Move your focus away from work and take time to chat. Call a friend, make coffee for a co-worker or facetime a family member.

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