In the UK alone there are over 13 million grandparents. Keeping up with the energy of children is tough, even for the fittest and most energetic amongst us. Does anyone else babysit for a day and feel exhausted by the afternoon?! You’re not alone.

Statistics have shown that many grandparents in the UK spend at least three days a week helping out with young family members.

You might be wondering where we are going with this, but supplemental oxygen reinvigorates the mind and gives you a much-needed energy boost. Just what you need for that all-important game of hide and seek!

ClearO2 has received amazing feedback from users aged 50+. They typically use it as a natural, every day, health and wellbeing aid. Users experience increased concentration levels and feel more relaxed – both of these things are so important. After all, you need eyes in the back of your head to watch the youngsters!

When they want lifting up on to the swing or monkey bars for the tenth time at the play area, ClearO2 could be just what you need. It means you can help them with enthusiasm and avoid any tantrums that might come with suggesting that heading home is a better idea!

Anyone looking after children, whatever their age, health or fitness levels need support to do so. ClearO2 is proud to be able to help by giving a revitalising boost of energy and alertness. This enables you to get maximum enjoyment from the quality time spent with them.

With many aged 50+ looking after grandchildren, and also elderly parents, it can really be a busy lifestyle. Many who imagined retirement as relaxing, picturing hours relaxing in the garden, are actually finding themselves busier than ever! 

Supplemental oxygen is a perfect way to help your body function at peak levels, enabling you to feel carefree and carry on with your day.

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