We all want to be healthy, right? And we all know broadly the right way to go about it. But sometimes it can be a struggle. Sticking to a diet, committing to regular exercise, avoiding alcohol, quitting smoking, and getting enough sleep can seem like a chore.

We’re all so busy. And sometimes taking care of others means we forget to take care of ourselves. Before you know it, another day is done, and another layer of guilt weighs heavy on your shoulders. You’ve sat at your desk all day, eaten a pack of Digestives, quaffed a Coke and found no time for you. It’s no surprise your stress levels are creeping up.

But what if you could enhance your way of living by making a few manageable changes? Changes you could incorporate into your day. Some small tweaks here and there, that you’d hardly have to think twice about, but could make a big difference to your life?

You’d go for it, right?

Check out these seven healthy life hacks everyone can benefit from.

Wake up five minutes early

We know, this may seem like a big ask. But cumulatively, over the course of a year, you’re giving yourself extra time. In fact, if you woke up five minutes early every day from January 1st, right the way through, you’d have a bonus day and a half in your life. And imagine just what you could do with that!


Not tricky to achieve, this one. But easy to overlook. How often do you sit and simply breathe? Noticing the inhale and exhale of your breath. No emails, phones, or music to distract you. Just you and your lungs, doing your thing. Make time to gather your thoughts, enjoy some silence, and breathe.

Supercharge your TV time

Binge watching Line Of Duty? Catching up with The Crown? Carry on. Downtime is important. But how about making those minutes in front of the TV do a little more for your body and your brain? Could you squeeze in a couple of crunches? Plank during the ad break? Write a To Do list for tomorrow?

Enjoy a warm shower before bed

A glorious way to claw back some time for yourself, while preparing your body and brain for sleep. Not as long and drawn out as a soak in the tub, but just as effective at readying you for bed. Maybe invest in a night-time shower gel with lavender or chamomile. Both known for aiding zzzzzzs.

Practice being grateful

A great routine to get into. And one for all ages. Before you get out of bed in the morning, search your mind for five things you’re grateful for. Do the same when you climb into bed at night. A recent psychological study showed that those people who show gratitude are generally, happier, healthier and wealthier.

Take a tech break

Another biggie. But so worth it. Could you manage a whole day without your phone? Or what about creating a tech box and encouraging the family to put their phones, ipads and devices into it for a certain amount of time each day? Dedicate those precious minutes to doing something together instead.

Sneak in some exercise

Could you walk instead of taking the car? Maybe take the stairs rather than hopping in the lift? Try to find ways to move more which are part of what you’re doing anyway. Dance while be making dinner or consider standing at your desk.

Can you see yourself getting behind these seven healthy life hacks everyone can benefit from? Small changes can reap big rewards, go for it!

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