It is the job of the immune system to defend your body against illness and infection. It is a complex system, and to function well requires balance and harmony. To give your immune system the best chance possible at being effective for you, the below general healthy-living strategies will give your immune system the upper hand.

Healthy Immune System

Here at ClearO2 we are thrilled to have teamed up with the revolutionary EI8HT. This is an incredible new patented drink, backed by research at Oxford University. Not only does it significantly enhance oxygen transportation around the body (using unique, patented encapsulation technology) it is enhanced with iron, vitamin B3 and, crucially, vitamin B12 – helping you to feel better and support your immune system. It is an ideal accompaniment to ClearO2’s supplemental oxygen.

To further help your immune system, practice the below:

·      Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices. Many plant-based foods have antiviral and antimicrobial properties which support the immune system.

·      Keep your stress levels under control. Often, this is easier said than done, and this is true now more so than ever. Prolonged stress elevates cortisol levels which, essentially, blocks the immune system from operating to its full potential. Try to do at least one stress-reducing activity per day.

·      Good quality sleep is essential. Your body heals and regenerates whilst you sleep, making it key to a healthy immune response. Sleep is also a time where the body distributes key immune cells like cytokines, T cells and interleukin 12. Lack of sleep means your immune system may not do these things as well, meaning it is less equipped to defend your body. Seven hours per night is recommended as a minimum to optimize health.

·      Regular exercise lowers your risk of infection and releases endorphins, making you feel good. This is also a great way to manage stress. Being active for at least 150 minutes per week is recommended. EI8HT drinks are great for taking pre-exercise to maximise the benefits.

·      Being outside with nature has been shown to support mood, lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and support immune system health. Make time to just enjoy being in the garden or get your exercise whilst out there.

·      Drinking high amounts of alcohol is associated with a range of negative health effects including lowered immune function. Your body spends its efforts trying to detoxify rather than operate with normal immune system function. If you smoke, it is also recommended to stop for similar reasons as it is a toxin to the body.

Your first line of defence for a strong immune system is a healthy lifestyle. This can be proactively supported and enhanced with the use of EI8HT.

EI8HT Oxygen Drink – 2 Sachets

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